Farmlead – Does this grain marketplace suck?

Farmlead the grain marketplace of our nightmares

It’s my opinion that yes, Farmlead does suck. I’m really not sure why my company decided to start using Farmlead, I guess it was out of desperation to fill a quota. Guess what, that quota wasn’t filled using farmlead. What we did get was a lot of frustration trying to find the grain we wanted. Yes, the grain we were looking for was listed on farmlead but the prices being asked we so far out of wack. Some so high it’s just a total waste of our time to even contact these people.

Be warned, after signing up you can expect a call from the companies loud mouth CEO. Apparently the companies CEO thinks farming should be done his or or it’s the highway. Differ with his opinion on the grain marketing conditions and you will get an earful.

Farmlead claims to have thousands of sellers and buyers at your finger tips. More like thousands of shitty over priced grain listings at your finger tips.