Farmlead – Does this grain marketplace suck?

Farmlead the grain marketplace of our nightmares

It’s my opinion that yes, Farmlead does suck. I’m really not sure why my company decided to start using Farmlead, I guess it was out of desperation to fill a quota. Guess what, that quota wasn’t filled using farmlead. What we did get was a lot of frustration trying to find the grain we wanted. Yes, the grain we were looking for was listed on farmlead but the prices being asked we so far out of wack. Some so high it’s just a total waste of our time to even contact these people.

Be warned, after signing up you can expect a call from the companies loud mouth CEO. Apparently the companies CEO thinks farming should be done his or or it’s the highway. Differ with his opinion on the grain marketing conditions and you will get an earful.

Farmlead claims to have thousands of sellers and buyers at your finger tips. More like thousands of shitty over priced grain listings at your finger tips.

The Dangers of Sitting Too Long

Does your job require you to sit for long periods of time? If so, you just might be risking your health. Studies have found that sitting too long can have negative effects on your health. Some studies have even compared sitting for long periods of time to smoking. Below you will find several of these health risks.

Three Major Health Issues Caused by Sitting

Whether in the office or at home on the sofa, when people sit for long periods of time, they are putting themselves at risk. First, studies have found an increased risk of heart disease in those that sit a lot. Your chances of having a heart attack is also greatly increased. Second, sitting has been associated with an increased risk of getting certain types of cancers. Lastly, those who are sitters have a greater chance of becoming obese.

Get Up and Moving

During the day, a great way to combat the health risks of sitting is to simply get up and move around. Try to get up at least once an hour and walk across the room for 10 minutes. This will help get the blood flowing. During your lunch break, you can also go for a 30-minute walk which will help boost your health and your mind. After work, try to also get in a high impact exercise. Running or any type of cardio workout will help reduce the effects of sitting during the day.

Invest in A Standing Desk

Another way to reduce your risks is by not sitting in the first place. Standing desks and height adjustable desks will allow you to stand instead of sitting. Humans were not designed to be sedimentary, and these desks will help you avoid this issue. Investing in height adjustable desks will be an investment in your health. There are two main types of standing desks that include manual crank desks as well as electric powered desks. But no matter which type you choose, you really can’t go wrong.